Farewell 2020, departure 2021, countdown, if you are here, please return!



2020 is the past,The past is a prelude,2021 is expected,Set sail without fear of big waves.

In the year of gengzi, it is not easy to be a rat

2020 is the past

The past is a prelude

2021 is expected

Set sail without fear of big waves



We are not fighting the epidemic

It's on the way to fight the epidemic

COVID-19 wreak havoc

The whole nation is united to keep warm

Meiyu flood in South China

High temperature and drought in North China

We taste all the joys and sorrows of life

Living in deep water

Shed countless tears

As if living is the best gift of nature

An extraordinary year

Let's remember it

Farewell in 2020

2021 on schedule

About your 2020

If it's beautiful, it's wonderful

If it's bad, it's called experience

This year

We have made brilliant achievements

Flying to Mars

Chang'e-5 goes to the moon to collect soil

The Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee draws a new blueprint for modernization

The birth of civil code to protect people's rights and interests

Opening a new mode of "cloud diplomacy" for the head of state

A successful end to poverty alleviation

Never forget the original intention and forge ahead

Finally ushered in a well-off society in an all-round way

This year

We set up the stall

Live broadcast

Group buying in the community

Shuttling between life and workplace

After hard work

Still need to face

Payment platform bills

Shopping cart of e-commerce platform

But we can still go to Versailles

Let life add some moisture



This year

We explored the wonderful world of garlic together

Looking for the true meaning of its color, fragrance and taste

Experienced the cultural characteristics of onion, ginger and garlic

Explore the way of health behind it

Taste the three delicacies of life

The health of three treasures in the kitchen

Take garlic oil to enhance immunity

Black garlic from the king of sterilization

Conquer the taste buds and keep healthy

Talking about healthy life

Searching for interesting



It took 2020 to find out

The rest of my life wasn't as long as I thought

But there's a long way to go

No matter how hard 2020 is

2021 must smile beautifully

The south wall has been hit, the past is clear

Recalling the story, looking forward to the future

Wish you all the regrets in 2020

It's all the foreshadowing for the surprise of 2021

Goodbye, k2020!

Departure, G2021!

Please get on the bus

Please leave us a message