New Journey|CAPA's new plant, GarliCare, is now in operation



For the first time, the full range of utilization and green scale production is achieved.

Draw the blueprint for a new journey. GarliCare, the new plant of Anhui CAPA started operation recently.

Anhui GarliCare Biotech is located in Xinqiao International Industrial Park, Shouxian, Huainan City, Anhui, China, covering an area of 26666㎡, which is the new plant of CAPA. It is a biotech enterprise focusing on the full use of garlic and ginger with the presence of offices, R&D centers, production workshops, and warehouses.


Efficiency and process improvement

By using domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, adopting self-developed technology, and building a scientific and efficient production management system, GarliCare has greatly improved production efficiency and product quality. Once the project is fully completed and put into operation, the annual processing capacity of garlic can reach 150,000 tons. Besides, the new factory has established an integrated operation system to efficiently match customer orders, production plans, raw material procurement, process control, sales, and logistics distribution, and strives to create a modern factory with an agile supply chain model.


Quality and innovation

As a world-renowned supplier of garlic oil and ginger oil, we have been deeply engaged in the field of food additives for over 20 years, and have formed a product system centered on the garlic aroma series products, such as natural garlic oil, garlic essential oil, garlic powder, garlic emulsified essence, and the ginger aroma series products including ginger oil (primary distillation, secondary distillation), supercritical ginger essential oil and ginger oleoresin, etc., and we also provide the world with customized service.

To maintain product vitality and continuous innovation, the new factory has set up an R&D lab integrating research and testing on plasticizers, heavy metals, soil, pesticide residue, etc. In addition, it has established a leading high-level quality control system and product certification system and has been systemically certified by the BRCGS (Global Food Safety Standard Certification), ISO9001 (Quality Management System Certification), and others.


Social responsibility: green, eco-friendly, sustainable

Lead by the concept of  “green, eco-friendly, sustainable”, GarliCare adopts modern separation technology combined with the traditional steam distillation process. It’s possible to say in the history of garlic oil and ginger oil, we made all-around utilization and green scale production, maximized resource utilization, and filled the gap in this niche field. The project will play a leading role in the development of the regional economy and the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of garlic and ginger. 

GarliCare is another milestone on the development path. The one thing that won't change is more high-quality, convenient, and customized products and services will be provided. We will keep striving to create a new benchmark for technological innovation and back up for the high-quality development of the garlic and ginger industries. Besides, we will continue to strengthen close cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, upstream and downstream chain partners, and other parties, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the garlic and ginger industry as well as the food additive industry. 

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