CAPA BIO-TECH: China Agricultural University Postgraduate Practice Base



Deepen the integration of industry and education and promote university-enterprise cooperation.

Deepen the integration of industry and education and promote university-enterprise cooperation. On June 30, the unveiling ceremony of the practice base for postgraduates of CAU was held in CAPA BIO-TECH, which was attended by Professor Wentao Xu and Associate Professor Longjiao Zhu of CAU, GM Capa Cheung, VGM Tony Lee and Jack Hu.

At the ceremony, Prof. Xu gave a detailed introduction to the history of the Faculty of Nutrition and Health of CAU in serving the strategy of "Healthy China" &"Strong Base Plan" and the concept of cultivating top talents in nutrition and health. He also emphasized the fact that as a leader in China's garlic industry, CAPA BIO-TECH has gathered the "three chains" integration model of the industry chain, supply chain, and value chain, which will help the postgraduates in the academic research and corporate management level. In the future, the two sides will carry out more valuable research in the field of nutrition and the health of agricultural products. Based on the integration of industry and education, we will take a road to enrich and strengthen agriculture, and also try to create a new model of university-enterprise cooperation in employment and education.

GM Capa Cheung expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Prof. Xu and his delegation. He said that this university-enterprise cooperation is an important practice for the company to build a platform for the integration of industry, academia, and research, which is a key part of the high-quality development and will further improve the pioneering and innovative ability of the company. In the process of joint training, the postgraduates can well combine their professional knowledge with practical projects through the transformation of scientific research projects. We hope to take the practice base as an opportunity and reliance to reinforce the joint cultivation of application-oriented talents, strengthen the connection between university and enterprise, carry out multi-faceted, multi-level, and multi-field exchanges, and conduct in-depth discussions in employment, scientific research results transformation, etc. To truly realize the combination of university-enterprise resources and promote the high-quality development of production and education.

Later, Prof. Xu and Capa Cheung jointly unveiled a plaque for the practice base for postgraduates of CAU.

After the meeting, accompanied by GM Capa Cheung, Prof. Xu and his delegation visited the R&D center of CAPA BIO-TECH to conduct a deeper understanding of the implementation of product research, process innovation, quality assurance, and traceability system of the company.

In the future, CAPA BIO-TECH will work with CAU to fully support the construction of the practice base, adhere to the principles of complementary advantages, integration of industry and education, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation to provide excellent conditions and create an outstanding environment for the development of the practice base project, continuously improve the training of high-level talent, promote the high-quality agricultural development to a new level, and make new contributions to the in-depth advancement of rural revitalization.

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