CAPA BIO-TECH: Employment Internship Base for Hefei University of Technology Students



To further strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, fully integrate resources, and broaden the path of development of students’ careers.

To further strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, fully integrate resources, and broaden the path of development of students’ careers, the signing and unveiling ceremony of HFUT's students' employment internship base was successfully held at CAPA BIO-TECH on the afternoon of July 10th. Attendees include School of Management HFUT Secretary of Party Committee Zhiyong Guo, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee Shanshan Niu, Director of MBA, MPA Center Xianhuan Chen, Deputy Director of Student Work Office Honglei Wang, Counselor of class 2020 Tianqi Wang, as well as student representatives. In addition, the FC of Howard Johnson TCP Hefei Jiang Li, GM Capa Cheung, VGM Tony Lee and Jack Hu attended the meeting which was chaired by the office director Li Ding.

At the ceremony,Mr.Guo expressed warm congratulations on the university-enterprise cooperation in building the employment internship base for college students jointly. He pointed out that the School of Management HFUT is committed to training leaders and management elites in the information age who are both virtuous and talented, outstanding, and who consciously serve the country and try to promote innovation, and to become a world-class management school that is research-oriented, internationalized, and special. He hopes to take this activity as an opportunity to further promote the in-depth integration of industry, education, research and internship, and combine the functions of talent cultivation, internship practice, student innovation and entrepreneurship, enterprise service and scientific and technological innovation, so as to open up a good cooperation and exchange between universities and enterprises and reach a win-win situation in which the demand for talents of enterprises and the employment of university students are both matched.

GM Capa Cheung expressed his sincere welcome to the visit and introduced the development overview of CAPA BIO-TECH as well as the construction of Anhui GarliCare comprehensive garlic base, sustainable garlic planting base, food safety traceability system and other projects. As an alumnus of HFUTCapa said that as an important base for the national training of high-level management talents, the School of Management HFUT has been continuously delivering complex and innovative talents for the development of the country, society, and enterprises. He hoped that the two sides would take the opportunity of building an internship base jointly to establish a perfect mechanism of deep-level university-enterprise cooperation. In addition, he gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the student representatives on the spot, and encouraged the students of HFUT to carry out social practice and internship activities more widely and deeply, to use what they have learned in practice, and to show the spirit and responsibility of the youngsters in the new era, so as to jointly push forward the high-quality development of university-enterprise cooperation! 

At the ceremony, the participants conducted in-depth exchanges on the integration of industry and education, talent training, internship and employment, and innovative practice. As an alumni of HFUT, VGM Jack Hu, and the FC of Howard Johnson TCP Hefei Jiang Li spoke one after another. In addition, VGM Tony Lee mentioned the importance of "choice" and "persistence" to the career development of college students on the issue of entrepreneurship and employment faced by college students.

Later, Mr.Guo and Capa Cheung on behalf of the university and the enterprise, signed the agreement on "Co-establishment of HFUT Students' Employment and Internship Base" and achieved the unveiling ceremony successfully.

After the meeting, Mr.Guo with his party visited the testing and R&D center of CAPA BIO-TECH and gained a deeper understanding of the outstanding achievements made by CAPA in the field of food safety traceability, construction of industry standard system and technological innovation, etc. CAPA BIO-TECH acquired their highly praise for contributing to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry while realizing its own high-quality development.

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