CAPA BIO-TECH was invited to the Food Safety Publicity Week in Feixi County.



It’s our duty to be thrifty, and trustworthy and protect food safety.

Its our duty to be thrifty, and trustworthy and protect food safety.

On the morning of November 8th , the Food Safety Publicity Week 2023 sponsored by the Feixi County Food Safety Commission Office and Feixi County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau was officially launched in the Feixi Binhe Park. CAPAs technical quality manager Yiyou Wang was invited and took the oath of food safety.

As the first batch of "Food Safety Anhui" brand certification enterprises in Anhui province, CAPA shoulders the major responsibilities of food safety publicity and service and plays an important role in the social co-governance of food safety. At the ceremony, Mr. Wang and other representatives of food enterprises jointly made a public commitment to "Integrity operations, safe purchasing, and opposing waste."

The short video awarded in the second "Food Safety Anhui" Brand Story Competition was brought this time to the on-site guests, media, and audience and was praised by all. The video conveyed the brand story of food safety belonging to CAPA. It showed CAPAs food safety responsibilities and social duties and set up a benchmark image for other food enterprises.

To strengthen the responsibility, create a good atmosphere of everyone's concern and support, build a new pattern of food safety co-construction, co-govern, and sharing, and jointly guard the people's "safety of the tongue", CAPA is in action right now.

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